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Over the last few days we have all read the breaking news from CES 2017.But this article is about something completely different: it reviews the status and future of an old, but very important OS, namely Windows Mobile.I'm not going to tell you it's not confusing today. There are "side by side installs" and there are "in place upgrades." A major version means side-by-side and a minor version means in-place. The two 3.x versions were basically library enhancements on top of the core . Rick has a great post with a lot of detail and information. I do think that things are getting better and becoming less confusing. NET 4.5 is a step in the right direction of transparency in versioning. For Visual Studio 2017 for Mac, see Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Platform Targeting and Compatibility and Visual Studio 2017 for Mac release notes.

Dot Net Zip is packaged as a single DLL, a single assembly. As of version 1.9, the Ionic zip DLL is about 400k in size. Can an application that uses this library make a self-extracting, AES-encrypted, Unicode, ZIP64 zip file? Does this library support any compression algorithm other than deflate? Yes, this library helps applications read and write zip files that use passwords to protect the entries in the zip archive. Can I use the Dot Net Zip library to read files, files? Does the library support Unicode filenames and comments? Can Windows Explorer ("compressed folders") read the zip files created by this library if the zip has entries with Unicode-encoded filenames? But that is a limitation of Windows XP and Windows Vista. The Save-to-a-stream capability allows you to write a zip archive out to, for example, the ASP. Output stream, without creating an intermediate file. can the library add an entry to a zipfile, reading content from a stream? Typically people will embed this DLL into an application.For information on the system requirements for installing and running the Visual Studio 2017 family of products, including Team Foundation Server 2017, see the Visual Studio 2017 System Requirement page and Visual Studio 2017 for Mac Product Family System Requirements.For support, or to submit feedback on Visual Studio, see: When following the supported upgrade paths, your Visual Studio source, solutions, and project files will continue to work; however, you should expect to make some changes to sources.Say what you will about the past ridiculousness of . O_o Back in July of 2011 I wrote a post on Issues with . NET 4.5 is still the v4CLR and adds new libraries as well as improvements to the core CLR itself. It's not the magic of Java Version 6 Update 31 (build 1.6.0_31-b05) but it's a start.

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With this release, we have officially removed support for Compact Framework, which has been unreliable in several versions.

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