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So im not good ( really not good..) at speaking & daily conversational expression. :) I studied english only for college entrance examination. “I’m no Casanova, but I’ve had several one-night-stands from [language exchanges]," he said.An American English-teacher recruiter here who asked to go by just “Lee” due to the sensitivity of the subject (many Korean men begrudge cross-national romance) described a similar experience.Our members are about 30% Foreigners and 70% Koreans. The atmosphere of our language exchanges depends on the day of the week.

Usually, the websites have profiles, which, crucially to Kim and Lee, include a picture.“I’d say most people use it for dating, the Koreans and the foreigners definitely,” said Andrew Kim, a Korean-American English teacher in Seoul.“Most of the friends I know have all dated a girl from [a language exchange website]. I never met a guy who said I want to meet this girl just to learn Korean.” For those with a predilection for the local women, Kim says language exchanges are the perfect way to play the field and meet “open-minded” females. Meet new people, locals and travellers, make great friends, practice speaking English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish!! Simply enter the meet up at the right time, pay 10,000won (11,000 with card), and then you'll receive any TWO drinks from our menu.About 3,000 people join our Gangnam meet ups every month. Our menu includes Coffee, latte, Tea, Juice, craft beers, cocktails and more :) Check out the video here: https:// v=mar1Coull DA&feature=LOCATION: GSM TERRACE: Language Exchange Cafe & Pub This is a dedicated location just for language and international meet ups! (scroll down for directions) If you'd like to register for more details, join here: https:// WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OUR LANGUAGE EXCHANGES.

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The staff will show you how to order from our menu and then guide you to a seat. Every hour, we will randomly change the tables so you get a chance to meet new people. But, you'll be missing out on valuable speaking time! But it's better to come late than not come at all~ 4. You can just go to the meet up at the correct time and enter the meet up :) If you want to register, follow this link and we can send you additional information via mail! There quite a few people who are older or younger than this. In any case, they are always positive and opened minded people. We put a lot of effort to balance gender and nationality. You'll see a 6 story building on the far right of the intersection.

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