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Erica Fleming, 30, has been homeless with her young daughter, Emily, nine, for almost a year.

The mother and daughter have been living in emergency accommodation and last year they appeared in the RTÉ TV documentary, My Homeless Family.

Jackie Peter, vice president of labor relations for Denver-based Frontier, which is owned by private equity firm Indigo Partners, said the airline's maternity leave policy is a product of its collective bargaining agreement with its pilots' union.

The complaints ask the EEOC to require Frontier to take steps to make it easier for pregnant pilots and pilots who are breast-feeding, including allowing the latter to pump on the aircraft when necessary.

And it isn’t just mothers who are taking firms to court: Men and people caring for elderly parents are also filing suits and winning them.

Executives need to be aware of the costs, which include settlements that can run into the millions, negative publicity, and the loss of valued contributors.

“I feel like that’s taking away a mother’s choice,” she said.“She said she needed a laptop to go — and I said we would do it. And now I am going to one of the best colleges in the world and that has showed my daughter she can do it.“This has been a very tough year — I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be accepted in to such a prestigious college — but I have to say I don’t think I’d even have applied if I hadn’t been homeless.“This adversity has pushed me on — to fight.” There were only 25 places to get on the course and Ms Fleming impressed the college so much she was one of the lucky ones to gain a spot on the free Trinity Access Programme.She will be studying several modules including social studies, law, and political studies.

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