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However it may be known, could the feline, long gone from the U. East but for an isolated Florida panther subpopulation, be on the comeback trail? These long-ago Amazonians had an instinctive understanding of a modern scientific idea: the lives of predators (in this case, cougars) and prey (deer) are intertwined. It wasn’t only deer that were once in rifle sights.Out of balance: Cougars, deer–and humans Intertwined, but not in balance. Then conservation programs and controlled hunting were introduced. Early settlers believed the eastern cougar () was a danger to livestock and to humans, and a competitor for wild game.but would love to paddle around with a friend in an easy non competitive way, enjoy nature and the weather while it's here. Travel partner I'm planning to drive to Northern Ontario for a 2 day trip. I am a 28 year old woman and would like to meet women only from 25-35 years old. Looking for a female partner 29-39 Im male easygoing, loving beer and cigarettes person. Good times I am a single male early 40's posting to find someone to get out and do something fun now and then. This is the cat, also known as the “CT Cougar,” that was subsequently detected in upstate New York in December 2010 and then killed in Connecticut on the Wilbur Cross Parkway in June 2011, 70 miles from NYC!Genetic testing of the Champlin lion revealed that he was a descendant of mountain lions in the Black Hills, as was the case with another young male that dispersed into northwestern Minnesota during winter 2004-2005.S., Valerie is considered one of North America’s top experts on contemporary love, sex, relationships and dating and is frequently interviewed by international websites, newspapers and magazines. Valerie specializes in the world of dating, relationships and aging issues, especially for those over 45, and her articles appear in many Canadian magazines and websites.

This was her very personal Intimacies column and the outspoken, honest, insightful commentary on modern sex and relationships made it one of the most popular reads in the paper and on the internet.

Minnesota lies adjacent to South Dakota, where in the 1990s mountain lions recolonized suitable habitat in the southwestern part of the state bordering Wyoming, and where a huntable population of resident mountain lions now exists.

Minnesota also borders North Dakota, which carries a small breeding population in their western Badlands.

I enjoy most outdoor activities , especially hiking and swimming.

New friends wanted I am posting to find someone to get out and do something fun now and then.

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