Chelsea handler dating e president

But for now, on a warm February afternoon in Culver City, as Handler takes in the 16,000-square-foot space for the first time, all she has is her imagination.

ti­tled “Too Hot to Handler,” she was asked out on a date by Scooter.

She captioned the photo with: “Anything a man can do, a woman has the right to do better #kremlin”The picture was swiftly deleted by Instagram, which has been criticised over the past few months for its disproportionate rulings on female nudity. Earlier this week, Facebook was forced to reinstate a picture of a mother breastfeeding after deleting it because it “breached nudity rules”.

talk show last month with a star-studded sendoff, but she won't be gone for very long.

I have a torn a new asshole on many a buffoon who has dared suggest that luck, talent, hard work and savvy had nothing to do with it. When a man has connections in Hollywood, it is called “having connections.” But when an attractive and intelligent woman has the same thing, she must have spread her legs to get it. She herself knows “Chelsea Lately” is not friggin’ “Mad Men.” But guess what?

Remember when reporter Andrew Goldman from flat-out asked Whitney Cummings “how accurate” jokes were that she’d slept her way to the top? Neither is “Tosh.0,” “The Late Show,” “The Soup,” or any other show fronted by a funny dude.

And”—she pauses for effect—“where they’ll be putting the bar.”If all goes according to plan—and things usually do in Handler’s world, even if she insists she never has a plan—the 41-year-old stand-up comedian turned E!

Want to see me become irrationally angry and start breathing fire out of my nose? Her roundtable of comics — like Whitney Cummings — getting their own shows?

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